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Ways of payment

Načini plaćanja

1. 1. Credit cards

  • American Express, Diners, MasterCard, VISA, Maestro or Discover Card
  • 2-6 loan rates by American Express
  • 2-12 loan rates by Diners
  • 2-12 loan rates by VISA Inspire and PBZ Maestro Credit Cards

2. Payment Slip/ Online banking / Transfer

3. Cash on delivery – gotovinom prilikom preuzimanja


TARA fashion webshop uses WSPay.

WSpay is a system that allows you to connect point of sale with one or more credit card companies houses in easy and always the same way. WSpay enables secure exchange of authorization queries and responses from the credit card companies.

WSpay has the greatest comparative advantage in the simplicity of implementation to the existing systems of on-line stores.

WSpay system uses the highest standards of data protection and privacy. All merchants who use WSpay are included in the 3D secure protection, which guarantees customers that their purchase is safe.

Same card, added safety online.

PBZ Card has introduced a new insurance for their customers which resulted in a package of services – WSPay, which allows on-line credit card authorization in real time. WSPay enables web shops indirect communication with a credit card company’s computers in order to make a transaction. In the process, it creates a series of security checks that guarantee the correctness of its work, and a high degree of accuracy and security of data transactions.

Verified by Visa helps prevent people using your details without your permission. And it’s good for retailers who want to make sure their customers are protected. When you complete your payment with Verified by Visa, your bank is able to make additional security checks to ensure your card details have not been compromised. Your bank wants to make sure that it’s really you making the purchase before they authorise the payment.

You’ll notice Verified by Visa when a message box pops up on screen after you’ve entered your Visa card details.You are then asked to identify yourself either with your Verified by Visa password or a code sent to your mobile phone. What you need to do at this stage varies but your bank will tell you about the method they use and what they expect from you.

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MasterCard® SecureCode™ is a program of secure online purchasing at web shops. When verifying the purchase, the customer also verifies his identity to the bank which issued his card using his unique code, similar to when using a token or a card reader in Internet banking.
MasterCard® SecureCode™ services are based and developed on the 3-D Secure™ model, the global standard of verifying customer authenticity in the system of secure Internet transactions, developed as a collaboration of MasterCard Worldwide and Visa International.

The exchange of confidential data (codes, keys, passwords) is done only between the customer and the bank which issued the card, and the web shop has no access to such data. This means that only the customer may use the card for online shopping on web sites which support the MasterCard® SecureCode™ program of secure online purchasing. In order for the customer to be sure he is communicating with his bank, the screen will show a personal message with his identification data.

PBZ Card has enabled and supports the MasterCard® SecureCode™ program for web shops in order to offer maximum security of online trade and business in accordance with security trends and MasterCard Worldwide global card payment system mandates.

For more information www.mastercardsecurecode.com.

All payments are converted into Croatian currency, the Kuna ( HRK ). When charging your credit card, the amount of HRK is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations. As a result of this conversion, there is a small possibility of a slight difference in the original price stated on our website.