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About us

TARA Fashion is a fashion brand which started as Marija Fresl’s natural way, a designer who has been working in the fashion business for over twenty years.  After years of running the company and the team that has sewed, cut out and designed for many famous designers in Croatia and abroad, she decides to express her clothing vision suitable for women. From that great love towards creation and creating Tara fashion was born.

TARA fashion’s motto wear your story leaves freedom to women themselves to create their own style and to wear it in their own way and in accordance with the lifestyle, to enjoy their transformations depending on the time of day and occasion.

TARA fashion models are specific as they fit into the style of young girls and mature ladies, and cherish the slow fashion approach, taking care of environmental sustainability and creating models that are wearable more seasons. The new collections follow that flow and they can be remodelled, giving customers an extra value of an investment in its own style and wardrobe, rather than disposable trendy and fashionable one season models.